WIRL / TREX LP Discography

Brief history of WIRL from the 1987 compilation album “Recollection”:

“West Indies Records Limited (B’DOS) Ltd, started manufacturing phonograph records during the month of October 1964. This project was the brainchild of Mr. Colin Wilkie, who was the manager of Manning’s Electrical Showroom and Mr. Colin Thomas, director of Manning, Wilkinson & Challenor Ltd. As was expected, the availability of pressing plant in Barbados encouraged many local artistes to have their work recorded and put on wax. Since at that time there were no professional recording studios on the island, local recordings were successfully accomplished using one-track studios at Barbados Redifussion Services Ltd. on River Road and CBC (Caribbean Broadcast Corp) located at Black Rock, St. Michael. Much credit must be giving to the engineers and the Disc Jockies of that era who successfully recorded these artistes with the limited technology available. The first album to be manufactured in Barbados was “TreasureChest” by the Merrymen of Barbados.”

The WIRL / TREX discography is compiled and researched by Geoff Carrington (Barbados), Jan Hofman (The Netherlands), Alfred Benjamin (Barbados/Brooklyn) Andreas Vingaard (Denmark / USA) with valuable contributions by Valerie Clark (Librarian, UWI, Barbados), Rainer Windisch (konzeptlos.com / Switzerland), Paolo Annicchiarico (Italy), Hugo Mendez (Sofrito / UK), Adam Dunbar (latinfunk.org / USA), A Man Called Warwick (Turning Point, Canada), Nick Balaam (UK), Andy Eldica Westbury (Eldica Records, UK), Jacob Graulund (Fyraftensboogie, Denmark) and Warren Hill.

WIRL LP Discography:

WIRL1005 Various Artist – Sunny Barbados

WIRL1006 The Barbados Folk Singers – The Barbados Folk Singers

WIRL1007 Ed Watson & His Brass Circle – This Is Music

WIRL1015 The Merrymen – Caribbean Treasure Chest

WIRL1020 The Merrymen – The More The Merrier

WIRL1023 The Tropical Islanders – Tropical Isle

WIRL0007 Air Canada Steel Orchestra – Sea, Sun & Steel

W008 Tru-Tones Combo Of St. Lucia – Tru-Tones Combo Of St. Lucia

W009 The Tropical Islanders – Musical Adventure

W011 Oz Hill & The Fantastics – Kiss Me For Christmas

W012 Lord Short Shirt – Calypso Caribbean

W013 The Tropical Islanders – Do It Your Way

W014 Syd Jones & The Troubadours – Positively Spicy

W015 Jackie Opel feat. Syd Jones & The Gay Troubadours – The Memorable…

W016 Tru-Tones Of St. Lucia – Cream Of The Crop

W017 The Tropical Islanders – Musical Pot-Pourri

W018 Joseph Niles – This Train

W019 Lord Short Shirt – Meet Raycan

W020 The Gaylords of Dominica – Peace, Love & The Caribbean

W021 St. Michael’s Cathedral Choir (Barbados) – In London

W022 Kaiso Joe – Antigua On Fire

W023 Creole Stars – Creole Stars

W024 Grenada Angel Harps Steel Orchestra – Brighter Out Of Darkness

W025 The Night Train Band Of St. Lucia / TNT – Making Tracks

W026 The Swingin’ Stars – Dominican Stew

W027 Tropical Islanders – A Musical Ride

W028 Siffeur Montagne Chorale Of Dominica—Folk Expression

W030 Rupert Blaize – Move Up Antigua

W031 St. Peter’s R.C. Church Choir

W032 Commancheros Steel Orchestra – Commancheros Play Mas

W033 Elkes Owls Steel Orchestra – Bright Sunshine

W034 Mighty Sparrow – Sparrow Spectacular

W036 Various Artist – Top Ten Selection Fron the Original Young Brigade Calypso Tent 1973

W037 The Holy Name Covent Choir – Wake Up My People

W038 The Draytons Two – Raw Spouge

W040 Hell’s Gate Steel Orchestra – Hell’s Gate Opens up

W042 The Barbados Steel Orchestra – Classics To Calypso

W043 La Jeunne Etoile Chorale Of Dominica – Folk Heritage

W044 The Lebanon Moravian Church Choir Of Antigua –Shout For Joy! Christmas In The Caribbean

W045 The Yuletide Choral Group of St. Lucia – Brightest & Best

W047 Ellie Matt & The G.I.’s Brass – Have A Jolly Good Time

W050 The Hewanorra Voices – St. Lucia Jems

W052 Telstars – Orbiting

W053 Boo And The Tru Tones – Show The World

W054 Richard Stoute – An Evening With Richard Stoute

W055 CountrysideTrio – I look for Love (TREX)

W057 Friends  – Miramar Presents “Friends”

W058 The Organization – The Creative Sounds Of…

W060 Ellie Matt & the GI’s Brass – Forward On

W063 Boo And The Tru Tones – Merry Christmas From the Tru Tones

W065 Royal Barbados Police Band – Medley

W066 Diamond Steel & Cariblue Combo – Panfest St. Lucia ’77

W067 Boo And The Tru Tones – The Leaders

W068 Friends – Friends At Coral Reef Club

W069 St. Michael Cathedral Choir – Sing We Merrily

W070 Barbados Steel Band – Live

W070 Marvel – For You Babe

W071 The Escorts  – On Tour (Live In Europe)

W072 Live in Europe – The Barbados Music Festival

W073 Kingstown Choral – We Kinda Music

W074 Eddie Hooper – My Life, My Music And Me

W076 St. Mary’s Church Choir – Sing Praise To God

W077 Magic Circle Express – Calypso Corner

W079 Roosevelt Johnson And His Spice Islanders – Hello!

W081 Rebirth Seven Original – Roots Vibes

W082 The Cecilian Singers – All Things Beautiful

W083 Quavers Of St Lucia – First Class

W084 Nevisian Pride – Woodpeckers Honey Bees Canary Birds

W087 Marc Matthews And friends — LIVE

W088 Sing Out Barbados – Sing Out Barbados

W090 Jimmy Cliff – Give Thankx (Sunpower Records)

W091 The Cecilian Singers – It’s Christmas In Barbados

W093 Various Artist – The Best Of Barbados Vol. 1

W094 Wendy Alleyne & The Dynamics – Love (Caribe Records)

W095 Lisle Ward – My Charming Little Island Home

W096 Tyrone & Barbados Exotic Steel Orch. – Steel Barbados Style

W097 Fischer’s Cove Steel Orchestra – Live At Fischer’s Cove Island In The Sun

W098 Hazel Ramberansingh – Hazel’s Christmas Magic

W098 Charlestown Wesleyan Holiness Carol Group–Merry Christmas From Our House to Your House

W099 Coca-Cola Coronets Steel Orchestra – Pan Vibes

W100 Piercy Ward – Swaying Palms & Changing Moods

W101 Roosevelt Johnson And His Spice Islanders – Stand Firm

W104 Lord Cam – Sing Bout Dat

W106 Mark Lord – At Rockley Resort Hotel

W107 Serenada – s/t

W108 Charlie And Frankie – Antigua Welcomes You

W110 Various Artist – Cropover ’80

W112 Lucian Parrot – Leave Me Alone // Change Of Carnival

W113 The Hewanorra Voices – All Year Round With The Hewanorra Voices

W113 Hewanorra Voices – All Year Round

W114 Tyrone & Barbados Exotic Steel Orch. – Jam With The Exotics

W115 Viper – Ting Tong

W116 Calypso Quartet – The Best of St. Vincent Vol. 1

W117 Ace Cannon — The Saxy Sounds Of Ace

W118 Lucian Parrot – Jennifer/Lucian Babylon

W119 Bill Thomas – Bill Thomas

W120 Carlyn Leacock – A Different Woman

W121 Watty Watkins – Wat Wats Music For Dancing Vol. 1 (TREX)

W122 Christ Church Parish Church Choir

W123 Various Artists – Nevisian Culture

W127 Har Har Mahadev (EMI Records)

W128 Shri Lexmi Mata (EMI Records)

W131 Various Artist – Calypso Battleground

W137 The Congos – Heart Of The Congos

W139 Jimmy Cliff – Give the People What they Want

W145 Dennis Bovell – Brain Damage

W145 Mighty Shadow – Freedom Street // Yesterday Was Yesterday (12” Released On SRecords)

W148 Lisle Ward – Down In The Caribbean

W151 Jimmy Cliff – Follow My Mind (Released On The SUNFLOWER Label)

W153 Ace Cannon – The Golden Sax On Ace

W155 Lata Mangeshkar – Dedicated to Mother With Love (EMI Records)

W157 Richard Stoute – Greatest Hits

W161 The Wesley Singers Of Barbados – Great Hymns Of Methodism

W169 Asterisks – Darling Cool It // Jam Something (12”)

W171 D. Charlie – Keep Loving Me

W173 Peter Radix –Knowledge / Freedom Song

W175 Cecilian Singers – Live At The Oetker Halle Bielefeld West Germany March 1982

W176 Plain Clothes – Honey // Aids

W178 Roots’O & Jah Burkes – Soca Headache/Doh Go Down Dey / Real Dread

W180 Eric Donaldson – Rock Me Gentle

W181 Serenader – Don’t Feel It // Sugar Stick

W182 Termite – Ten Dollar Man // Party Feeling

W183 Mike Grosvenor – It’s My Life

W185 Pompey – I Ain’t Looking For Man // Rockers Festival (Remix)

W193 Plain Clothes –  Miss Thomas // Crutch

W194 The Wesley Singers – Unto Us A Child Is Born

W198 Singing Francine – She/Mouse Man

W205 Pompey – Pompey

W206 Termite – From Man To Man/I Ain’t Easy

W207 Omawale Stewart – Musical

W209 Serender – Jam It Up/Soca Fever

W213 Amoco Renegades – Sweet Pan

W216 Ronnie Dee – Red Hot Heat // Party Letter (12″ Single)

W217 Bumba – Got To Be Drunk // Break Dancing

W217 Jenny Pakeera – I’m Going Fine // Hold On

W220 Charmaine Forde / David Rudder – Dance The Beat

W221 Various Artist – Conquerors: The Tent, 1984

W222 Black Pawn – Judgement Day // Super Show

W230 Lucian Parrot – Moving On

W231 Roaring Lion –Papal Visit 1985

W232 Cockspur 5 Star Steel Orchestra – Barbados

W234 Escorts Intl. – Tribute to Tom:  Caribbean Unite //  Tribute

W235 Gramacks Featuring Jeff Joseph – Roots Caribbean Rock

W238  The Grammacks – Roots Caribbean Rock

W239 David Hunte & Wendy Alleyne – I Wanna Be With You // What’s Your Name

W241 Plain Clothes – We Laughing

W245 St. Michael’s Cathedral Choir In Boston –Ave Verum

W246 Black Pawn – Visions // On My Own Steam

W248 Serenader – Do It Tonite

W250 Blackmailer – Pudding & Souse // Version

W251 The Mighty Sandy – Cou Cou & Flying Fish // Version (CANTAR Records)

W252 Computer Brain – Heat The Place Up

W253 Caribbean Rythms – Honey Bee

W257 Cockspur 5 Star Steel orchestra Vol 2

W264 Adonijah — Music

W265 Various Artist (Cropover) – Cropover Calypso Party Mix

W266 Bumba – Go Bumba

W267 Various Artist s– Sizzling Soca

W269 Various Artist – Recollections (Collection)

W276 Willie Wawa – Caribbean Soka

W279 Adonijah – Amandla!

W280 Bumba — Harmony

W280 Various Artist (Cropover) – Super Cropover Party

W282 Wesahh Singers – We Kind O’ Folk

W284 Various Artist s– Cropover Calypso Jump Up Mix Vol 2

W285 Various Artist s– Down De Road

W286 Mighty Sparrow – Christmas With Sparrow

W287 Cockspur Steel Orchestra Vol 3

W288 Various Artist s– Tropical Christmas

W293 Spice & Co. – Different World

W294 Touch – Brilliance

W295 Willie Wawa – Take Me With you

W297 Various Artist (Cropover) – Super Cropover Party Vol. 2

W304 Gene Lawrence – Spirit of the Caribbean

W309 Brian ‘BUMBA’ Payne – Positive Vibes

W310 Lucian Parrot – Ah Coming Back

W311 Barbados Steel Orchestra –Sand Sea And Steelband Rhythms

W313 Spice & Co. – Dance Across The Seas

W318 Various Artist (Cropover) – Super Cropover Party Vol. 3

W319 Adonijah – Nice!

W320 Ras Iley – Riding High

W324 Sunsplash – Game of Life

W336 KP’s Sunshine Band –Caribbean Soca Party

W337 Black Pawn – Party Music

W338 Invader #3 – Come Down With…

W340 Spice And Company – The First Decade

W343 Ras Iley – Soca Ninja Turtles

W344 Adonijah & Bumba – Twice As Nice

W345Various Artist s– Super Cropover party Vol 4

W358 the Great Carew – De Mad Woman Jamming

W359 Touch – Flair

W363 Invader #3 – How Yuh Feel?

W365 Serenader – Soca Punch

W367 Ras Iley – IMF Take Over

W368 Various Artist (Cropover) – Super Cropover Party Vol. 5

W369 Adonijah & Bumba – Come Again!

W376 The SplashBand – Get Busy

W378 Various Artists – Spouge Beat Revival

W379 Various Artists – Vacation Time In Barbados

W382 Ace Canon – Sweet Dreams

W384 Glenda Ifill – Enough Is Enough From You

W386 Various Artist – Caribbean house Party Vol 2

W387 The Troubadours International Of Barbados – De ting Sweet

W391 Crossfire – Hot Tempo Soca

W395 Ras Iley – King Of The Stage

W396 Various Artist (Cropover) – Super Cropover Party Vol. 6

W397 Various Artist (Cropover) – Soca x4

W398 Black Pawn & David Hunte – Soca Spirit

W401 Sygnacha – My Posse In Front

W402 Classic – Any Position // Any Position (Inst.)

W403 SplashBand – Gimme Some O Dat

W404 Bumba – Fortune Teller

W407 Various Artists Cropover Calypso Soca Session Vol 3

W408 Various Artists – Kadooment Wuk Up Jam

W413 Red Plastic Bag & Mac Fingall – Happiness

W416 Cockspur 5 Star Steel Orchestra – Greatest Hits

W417 SplashBand – Champion Sound (Released as SBLP 002)

W418 SplashBand – X-Amonk-O-Music

W420 Joseph Niles – Go On To Glory

W421 Ace Cannon – Music For Lovers

W424 Joseph Nile—Keep On Praying

W425 Xtatik – Caribbean Soca Hits

W427 Troubadours International – Bouncing

W430 Serenader – Party Menu

W431 Various Artists – Brek Down Party

W432 Various Artist (Cropover) – Jump Up Party

W433 Varios Artists – Super Cropover Party Vol. 7

W434 Various Artist – Four Is A Party

W437 John King – Psyched

W438 Ras Iley – Soca Ambassador

W440 Various Artists – Kadooment Soca Party

W441 Various Artists – Kadooment Cropover Party

W442 Splashband – Paris Wine // Paris Wine (Version)

W443 Crossfire – The Ultimate Party

W446 Various Artists – Cropover Soca Session Mix Vol 5

W451 Machel Montano – Loose Yuh Waist

W456 Various Artists – Ragga Soca  DanceHall Hits

W461 The Troubadours Intl. – Nice Time

W462 Various Artist (Cropover) – Soca Gone Wild Vol. 1

W463 Various Artist (Cropover) – Soca Gone Wild Vol. 2

W465 Serenader – Freezing Time

W467 Raas Iley – Form A Line And Wine

W468 John King – Breakaway

W499 Red Plastic Bag & Mac Fingall – One More (CD)

W501 Various Artists – Bajan Invasion (CD)

W502 Draytons Two – Raw Spouge (CD)

W503 Jackie Opel – The Memorable Jackie Opel (CD)

W504 Tropical Islanders – A Musical Ride (CD)

W505 tropical Islanders – Musical potpourri (CD)

W507 The Organization – Creative Sounds Of the Organization (CD)

W982 Johnny Ma Boy

W1020 Cubba – De Big Race // De Big Race (Version)

W1023 The Nazarene Silvertones Of Barbados – We’re Blest

W1036 Bumba – Why Can’t This Feeling Go On // Got To Be Drunk

W1050 The Mighty Rouser – The Mighty Rouser

W1054 Tyrone Husbands – Tyrone Husbands

W1056 The Draytons – Come Down for Cropover!

W1110 Bumba – Who Gine Rule

W1035 Lord Bryner – Calypso Carnival

W1129 Observer – Cat Attack // School Gal Rite (Live)

W1057 Sauvage – On the Rock // Version

W1960 Lord Bryner – Richman Poorman

W1444 Mighty Pelay – Merry Christmas Our Way

W1445 Pelay – First Time Around

W3045 Pan Am Jet North Stars Steel Orchestre – Souvenirs in Steel

Releases Without Catalogue Number:

The Scorpion – The Plain Truth // Jam Soca (12″)

Releases With Miscellaneous Catalogue Numbers:

FS 23520 Dr. B. Doobay & H. Panday – Petals For The  Altar (Fantasy Sound)

PR 115 The Tradewinds – One Caribbean Souvenier

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