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The Merrymen is without a doubt one of the most loved bands out of Barbados. Early in their career Robin Hunte, Emile Straker and Chris Gibbs who make up the Merrymen decided to set up their own label and studio on the island. The label became the Merry Disc and the studio was called REC using the initials of the three members; Robin, Emile and Chris. Along with studios at Caribbean Broadcast Corperation, usually credited as CBC, the REC studio was the most used in Barbados at the time. All the Merry Disc records were pressed up by West Indies Records Limited in Barbados. In 1967 a distribution deal was made with the Canada-based label Caravan. Prior to that the Merrymen releases were distributed by RCA Victor and Capitol Records. As equipment over the years became a lot cheaper and vinyl sales started to crumble the REC studio and the Merry Disc label closed. The Merrymen remain active as a band to this day.

The discography contains Merry Disc releases as well as Caravan Records releases on 45. The system used for numbering the Merry Disc discography appears a little confusing; The first couple of releases didn’t have a catalogue number and several 45’s in the discography were given the same number.

If you have anything to add or any corrections then please get in touch. A big thanks to Jan Hofman (The Netherlands) for his work with additions by Alfred Benjamin (Barbados / Brooklyn).

Merry Disc, LP’s:

MM-003 Merrymen – In The Land of Sea & Sun (also Caravan, Island series)

MM-004 Merrymen – Fun In The Sun

MM-005 Merrymen – Just For You

MM-006 Merrymen – You Sweeten Me

MM-007 Merrymen – From Dusk ’till Dawn

MM-008 West Star Steel Band – Steel Band Memories

MM-009 Lord Radio and the Bimshire Boys – Rhymes in Rhythm

MM-010 Merrymen – Sing and Swing

MM-011 Merrymen – Merry Christmas

MM-012 Merrymen – Beautiful Barbados

MM-013 Richard Massiah’s Steel Orchestra – Calypso Vacation

MM-014 Merrymen – Colour It Calypso

MMS-1016 Merrymen – Standing Room Only Merry Disc

MMS-017 Oscar Harris & The Twinkle Stars

MM-018 The Troubadours of Barbados – Find A Way (also Island Series REC-1003)

MMS-1025 Merrymen – Sun Living

MMS-1026 Merrymen – Don’t stop the carnival

MMS-1027 Outreach – Outreach

MMS-1028 Mardi Gras – Mardi Gras

MMS-1029 Merrymen – Merry Moods

MMS-1031 The Islanders – Caribbean Memories (Island Series only release?)

REC MMS-1032 Tyrone & The Clouds – Steelband & Calypso

MMS-1033 Merrymen – Barbados Memories

MMS-1034 Merrymen – Caribbean Pepperpot

REC MMS-1035 Tyrone & The Clouds – Steelband & Island Songs (also Fiesta FLPS 1876)

MMS-1036 Merrymen – Sugar Jam

MMS-1037 Merrymen – Jolly Roger Jump-Up

MMS-1038 Merrymen – Come To My Island

MM-1039 Merrymen – The Merrymen Live

MM-1040 Merrymen – Christmas Party

MM-1041 Merrymen – No Big Ting

MMS-1042 Merrymen – Tropical Wave

MMS-1043 Merrymen – Party Animal

MMS-1044 Merrymen – Island Treasure (tape-only release?)

MMS-1047 Merrymen – Sweet Fuh Days (label: Rainbow WIRL)

Merry Disc REC-1001 The Blue Rhythm Combo – Magumba

Merry Disc REC-1002 El Verno Del Congo – El Verno Del Congo

Merry Disc REC-1004 Sun Islanders – Barbados Steel Drums

Merry Disc REC-1038 Various Artists – Sweetest Woman


MMS-     Merrymen – Bajan Bram (1987)

MMS-     Merrymen – Crop Over (Label Rainbow WIRL 1988)


Merry Disc 45’s, “M” series:

M 02 Merrymen – Medley no 3 // Caribbean Lovesong

M 04 Merrymen – Archie // Girl Next Door

M 05 Merrymen – For Lovin’ Me // Yesterday

M 06 Merrymen – The Rebels // I Remember

M13 Merrymen – Do Re Me // Steel Donkey

M15 Merrymen – Calypso Medley No 4 // My Pussin

M16 Merrymen – Wings Of A Dove // Too deep to blue

M17 Merrymen – You Sweeten Me // It’s All Over

M18 Merrymen – The Fugitive // Something Has Gone Wrong

M19 Merrymen – Ring Ting Ting // Caribbean Boy

M19 Merrymen – Conrad // God Bless BIM

M20 Merrymen – Bermuda Woman // Guantanamera

M22 Merrymen – Sounds With Pressure EP: Ska Medley / Bam Bam //67 Calypso / Ribbon Of Darkness

M23 Merrymen – Love Sweet Love // I’m In Trouble

M24 Merrymen – Run Buddy Run // Nut Seller

M25 Merrymen – Don’t Try To Tie Me Down // Soul Calypso

M26 Merrymen – Christmas Feeling // Go Tell It On The Mountains

M26 Merrymen – Fire Fire // Ma Mas Mas (also WIRL WL 182)

M27 Merrymen – Cuando Sali de Cuba // Bang Bang Lulu

M28 Merrymen – Calalou vs Coucou // Take Your Hand Away

M31 Merrymen – Goodbye // Israelites

M32 Merrymen – I Want To Love You // Coffee Tea And You

M33 Merrymen – Trinidad Kaisomen // El Condor Pasa

M34 Merrymen – Raycan // Me And Bobby McGee

M35 Merrymen – Play Mas // P.P. 99

M35 Oscar Harris and the Twinkle Stars – Soldiers Prayer // Make This Night A Special One

M36 Oscar Harris and the Twinkle Stars – I Didn’t Want To Listen // Try A Little Love

M37 Merrymen – Sweet City Woman // Peace And Love

M39 The Troubadours of Barbados – Woman In Jail // Faith

M40 Merrymen – Barnabas // Bum Bum

M41 The Blue Rhythm Combo – Shaft // Jesus

M42 Young Cassius & The Generation Bridge – Snowcone // Magga Doc

M43 The Jesters – Chico Chico // Never Ask A Stranger

M44 The Seranaders – Never Stop Loving Me // I Must Be Dreaming

M45 Billy Jones and the Twinkle Stars – We Want Peace // Jerusalem

M45 Merrymen – In The Caribbean // Garrot Bounce

M46 The Blue Rhythm Combo – Sam’s Son // Don’t Look Back

M47 The Tropical Serenaders – Mr Framer // Begoine

M48 Young Cassius & The Generation Bridge – The Girl Say I Lie // Princess

M49 Young Cassius – Dragon Spouge // ??

M51 Tony Grazette & The Blue Rhythm Combo – Knock On Wood // Take The Funky Feeling (also as Caravan REC 4547)

M52 Clarence Thompson & The Blue Rhythm Combo – Never Let A Kiss Fool You // Eternal Love

M53 Merrymen – Mary Lou // Gary Sobers (REC 4503 acc. to run out)

M54 Tony Grazette & The Blue Rhythm Combo – Oh Lonesome Me // Sister Jeanie

M55 The Brothers – Big Bird // Will Of The West


Merry Disc LP’s, “REC” series:

REC-1006 St. Michael’s Cathedral Choir – Christmas At St. Michael’s


Merry Disc 45’s, “REC” series:

REC 4503 Merrymen – You Got Me // Mary Lou

REC 4522 The Checkmates – You Are Always On My Mind // Cream Puff

REC 4526 The Troubadours – Gimme Some More // No Ball At All

REC 4527 Ronald (Kitten) Watson – You Think It Easy // Let’s Get Together

REC 4528 Russel and The Checkmates – Love Me Or Leave Me // Groove Me

REC 4529 Lawrence Baptiste – I Can’t Take It Anymore // Please Com Back To Me

REC 4530 Serenaders – If I Can See You Just One Time // Twinkle In Your Eyes

REC 4531 Brothers – Thoughts // Sadi Love

REC 4559 The Barbados Spouge Ensemble – Kala Hamsa // Where’s My Gas

REC 4551 The Serenades acc. Atlantics – Twinkle In Your Eye // Just One More Time

REC 4562 Gabby Scott & Relevations – Mr Boolah // Momma’s Prayer

REC 4564 Jesters – My Boy Lollie Pop // Sad Movie

REC 4566 Smokey Burke The Organisation – Tell Her I’m Sorry // Help Me Love

REC 4570 The Checkmates – Always Thinking Of You // Long Lived Love

REC 4572 Merrymen – Drink A Rum // Christmas Party (Island Series)

REC 4574 The Revelations – Country Girl // Set Me Free

REC 4575 DaCosta Allamby & the Eki Becki Orchestra – Gallon Of Rum // Endorse The Cou Cou (also on Is. Series)

REC 4575 Merrymen – How I Love Her … Allouette // Good Good Mornin’

REC 4576 L. Baptiste “Cowboy” – The Kind Of Woman // From Loving You

REC 4576 Cassius Clay – Jamaican Lady // Bajan Rasta

REC 4578 Sir Don – Dear Don // Libel

REC 4579 Checkmates – I Can’t Believe In You // Pauper

REC 4580 Sir Don – Women’s Lib // Tom Say

REC 4581 Sir Don – Politics // Tribute To Grannie

REC 4582 Merrymen Flag – Woman // La Paloma Blanca

REC 4584 Gary Walters And The Revelations – I Ain’t Turning Back // When A Boy Falls In Love

REC 4585 Mighty Gabby – Burn Mr Hardy // Bandit Fever

REC 4590 The Merriboys – I Need You // Wonderful Feeling

REC 4591 Harmony – All By Myself // Mozart in Harmony (also on Island Series)

REC 4591 Harmony – All By Myself // Mozart in Harmony

Merry Disc 45’s, “4 Digit” series:

4521 The Troubadours Of Barbados – Are You Shure // Talk

4523 Alfred Pragnell – Telephone Conservation // How Mazie Ross Got Saved

4524 Merrymen – Price Of Gas Gone Up // Baxter’s Road

4525 The Blue Rhythm Combo – Black Water Gold // Sweet Spouge Music

4563 The Blue Rhythm Combo – Miliki // Bajan Love Song (also released on Caravan??)

4565 Happening of Bermuda – City Country City // I Believe In Music

REC 4566 Smokey Burke The Organisation – Tell Her I’m Sorry // Help Me Love

4567 The Troubadours International – Spouge Inspiration // Love Theme (also on Caravan label)

4568 Alfred Pragnell- Tea For Two // Concl. Tea for two & Glendairy

4569 The Blue Rhythm Combo – Get Down // Rhythm Man

MM4571 Merrymen – Devil Woman // Sweet Bon Bon (also released as Caravan CX220)

4577 Merrymen – Sugar Bum Bum // Time Marches On

4578 Merrymen – Bionic Man // I Goin’ Soca You

4579 Mighty Gabby – Who Killed Pele // Bridgetown

4580 DaCosta Allamby – The Wedding // No more backalou

4582 Merrymen – Just A Little Bit // Sydney Burnet

4583 Merrymen – Sweet Sugar Cane // Mr Harding – Crop Over Fever

4585 Merrymen – How Many Times I A Told Ya // She Want Pan (REC label)

4586 Peter Leacock – Take A Chance On Me // One Year Love Affair (REC label)

4588 Merrymen – Let Me Wrap You In My Arms // Happy Birthday Jesus

4589 Merrymen – Beautiful Barbados // Yellow Bird

4590 Merrymen – Uncle Sam Goes Calypso//Beautiful Barbados


Merry Disc 45’s, Misc:

MN0020 // MN0022 Merrymen – You Sweeten Me // It’s All Over

MerryDisc 3381 Merrymen- After Johnny // Pack She Back To She Ma

MerryDisc 3381 Merrymen – Caribbean Love Song // No. 3


Caravan 45’s:

CX100 The Wee Beasties – Something To Do With The Weather // Cherry Tree

CX102 Jackie Shane – Knock on wood // You’re the one

CX125 Merrymen – Good-Bye // Israelites

CX130 Merrymen – La Belle City // My Love For You

CX 145 Merrymen – Take These Ribbons // Sin To Tell A Lie

CX150 Merrymen – Bum Bum // Barnabas Island Series

CX155 Funny – Soul Chick // Funny Florie

CX160 Lord Shorty – The Art Of Making Love // Part Two

CX165 Lord Shorty – Calypso Is Ours // Indrani

CX166 Jackie Shane – Don’t Play That Song            // Barefootin’

CX170 Merrymen – Ring ting ting // God bless BIM

CX175 Merrymen – My Pussin // Wings Of A Dove

CX185 Lord Shorty – Gone Gone Gone // Loving You

CX190 Escorts – Sixpence // Loving Feeling

CX210 Lord Shorty – Soul Calypso Music // Bajan Girl

CX215 Merrymen – Who Put The Pepper // Price Of Gas Gone Up

CX220 Merrymen – Devil Woman // Sweet Bum Bum

CX225 Lord Shorty – Endless Vibrations // Drum Spirits

CX230 Merrymen – How I Love Here Alouette // Good Good Mornin’

CX235 Merrymen – La La Jam Back // Paloma Blanca

CX240 Jackie Opel – You Send Me // Fly Me To The Moon

B320 Draytons Two – Mr Jones // Go Go

B366 Draytons Two – 6 And 7 Books Of Moses // Roe Boat

CX255 Merrymen – Just A Little Bit // Sydney Burnet

REC-4520 Merrymen – Baxter’s Road // A Sin To Tell A Lie

REC 4525 The Blue Rhythm Combo – Black Water Gold // Sweet Spouge Music (?)

REC-4547 The Blue Rhythm Combo – Take The Funky Feeling // Knock on wood

REC-4563 The Blue Rhythm Combo – Miliki // Bajan Love Song

REC-4567 The Troubadours International – Love theme // Spouge Inspiration

REC-4569 The Blue Rhythm Combo – Rhythm Man // Get Down

No catalogue number:

Merrymen – Don’t Talk To Me // A Big Rock (For Juke Box Only)

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  1. 03/01/2015 @ 8:22 PM Solly Cham

    I have a copy of M53 gary sobers I cant find much info on it. Can any body help me? How many copies were made?


    • 01/02/2015 @ 11:44 PM Alfred Benjamin

      This 7″ was released in the early 70s as a tribute to a great Barbadian who was one of the world’s cricketers. Apart from this tune, The Mighty Sparrow had done a song in the 60s about him also.


  2. 02/01/2016 @ 12:35 AM sandyee

    we have a copy of Mardi Gras, Barbados Stellpan fealturing Sid Serreo mms-1028 any idea what it is worth?


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    Hello, I have been trying to download the song “Soca Jam” from the album ‘Sugar Jam from Apple iTunes. For some reason, Fonior and Merrydisc only have a 55 second snippet of the song as content to download. Can someone please help me with this issue – I am trying to download the whole song from somewhere to my iTunes. Thanks.


  4. 12/04/2020 @ 8:03 PM Barry Edwards

    REC- 4576 Lawrence Baptiste (Cowboy) – The Kind of Woman – From Loving You


  5. 20/07/2021 @ 9:02 PM Anton

    I really love all the info on the Merry Disc releases. I also hoped to find here information on release dates as a source for updating releases in Discogs. Could (approximate) release dates be added or can they be found somewhere else? Thanks in advance for any help.
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