Interview: Elai Tubo

When you are name dropped on one of the most iconic Hip Hop albums of the 80’s, it can forever change your career. Elai Tubo was given a shout out by Eric B & Rakim on their 1987 song ”Paid In Full” for his engineering skills. Something he is remembered for even to this day….


Interview: Camille E. Hodge

It was the fortune not the fame that attracted a young business school student named Camille E. Hodge to the music industry. While helping out his childhood friend, the late Emile “Milo” Francis of Milo & the Kings, distribute his first release in New York, the business savvy Camille witnessed a profit margin first hand…


Interview: Antonio Castro

Louis Antonio Castro was born in Spanish Harlem to Puerto Rican immigrants from Ponce. There were musicians on both sides of the family and according to Castro that’s where he inherited his voice. Growing up it was mostly Latin music being played in the Castro household. However, as a young man Castro took a liking…


Interview: Joshie Armstead

Josephine Armstead, who goes by Jo or Joshie, was born in Yazoo City in Mississippi. She grew up singing in church and in school. Her first performance was with Bobby “Blue” Bland. Later, she would regularly get on stage in local nightclubs with Little Melvin & the Downbeats. Through her sister’s marriage with Ike Turner,…


Interview: William Bostic

For three generations the Bostics have been doing what they do best; writing, playing and producing some mighty fine music. From Blues in the 1950’s to working with some of the biggest Rap artists of today, the Bostic family has undeniably covered a lot ground. William Bostic Jr., born in Richmond, CA. in 1946, has…


Interview: Lew Kirton

  Lew Kirton (b. 1948) grew up in a religious household in St. Michaels in Barbados. Llewellyn Randolph Kirton as he was born began singing in St. Cyprians choir as a kid. Despite his parents aversion to secular music he continued to want to sing outside of church from age 12 – even when it meant to sneak out of the house to…


Interview: Maiken Gulmann about Sahib Shihab

During the 1960’s many American jazz musicians settled all across the Europe. Some of them left the US to avoid prejudice, some looked for work and others found a new home. Sahib Shihab was an American reed player who ended up in Europe while touring with good friend Quincy Jones’ ”Free & Easy” show. Shihab’s…


Interview: Lionel Robinson

R ‘n B singer Lionel Robinson may not be wellknown but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t been productive over the years. He has had several failed deals with different labels during his career but the hurricane that hit New Orleans in 2005 probably took the biggest toll. He was born in New Orleans, 1951….


Interview: Clarence Curvan

Clarence Curvan (1939), percussionist, bandleader and a household name when it comes to Trinidadian music. Mr. Curvan was instrumental in fusing jazz and calypso, he backed several American artists with his orchestra and has toured extensively throughout the Caribbean. He is still involved in the Carnival in Trinidad. One dollar brought him into the business and his love for music made him stay.

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