Interview: King George Clemons

Before singer and guitarist “King” George Clemons moved to Sweden for what was supposed to be three months he lived in New York. While trying to make it in the music business he almost got caught up in the street life. Eventually, he took a good advice and went to Sweden. 40 years later and…


Interview: Soulshock

Most big things have small beginnings. You might know Carsten ‘Soulshock’ Schack as a hitman for Usher, Whitney Houston and Sting, and if you live in Denmark as one of the judges on the Danish version of X-Factor. But the successful Danish musicmaker started out as an underground Hiphop DJ in the late 1980s; competing…


Interview: Producer Bruce M. Clarke

Born in 1942 and raised in Brooklyn, Bruce Michael Clarke has had a career in music spanning a lifetime. Ever since he began singing harmonies with his childhood friends in the hallways of the Red Hook Housing Projects, music has been a driving force in his life. His first record in his own name was…


Interview: Edgar Rodriguez of Brother Soul

Edgar Rodriguez (top row, second from right) was the rhythm guitarist in Brother Soul, a group from the Bronx modeling their sound after James Brown and early Kool & the Gang. Through their relationship with producer Bill Moore, Brother Soul put out four 45’s over several years in the early 1970’s. One of their songs, a…


Interview: Richard Brown of Spice

A couple of years ago, Jonathan Sklute, owner of Good Records in Manhattan, posted some audio from a rare Soul album on his blog. The song was by a group called Spice. One of the people, who saw the post was a internet savvy woman in her 80’s. Nobody really seemed to know who was…


Interview: Anton Pukshansky

Anton Pukshansky might seem like an odd fit in a truly American art form like Hip Hop. As a Russian immigrant and classicly trained musician he has worked closely with artists like Large Professor, Organized Konfusion, Boogie Down Productions, Nas, Superlover C & Casanova Rud, Akinyele, Canada’s finest Maestro Fresh Wes and many others. Anton…


Interview: Chris Conway

Chris Conway has worked as an engineer for the last twenty years on between 500 and 1000 albums according to his own estimation. His resume includes names like The Beatnuts, Eminem, Kool G Rap & DJ Polo, DITC, Kanye West, Common, Ludacris and many many others. Chris, who was nicknamed “the Conman” by the late…


Interview: Elai Tubo

When you are name dropped on one of the most iconic Hip Hop albums of the 80’s, it can forever change your career. Elai Tubo was given a shout out by Eric B & Rakim on their 1987 song ”Paid In Full” for his engineering skills. Something he is remembered for even to this day….

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