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Interview: Derry Etkins

Years ago, I reached out to Derry Etkins, a keyboard player from Guyana, to do an interview about his time with the band known as the Telstars. They only made one album,”Orbiting” on WIRL Records out of Barbados, which is an eloquent example of the influences artists like James Brown, Kool & the Gang and…


Interview: Lew Kirton

  Lew Kirton (b. 1948) grew up in a religious household in St. Michaels in Barbados. Llewellyn Randolph Kirton as he was born began singing in St. Cyprians choir as a kid. Despite his parents aversion to secular music he continued to want to sing outside of church from age 12 – even when it meant to sneak out of the house to…

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