WIRL / TREX 45 Discography

Brief history of WIRL from the 1987 compilation album “Recollection”:

“West Indies Records Limited (B’DOS) Ltd, started manufacturing phonograph records during the month of October 1964. This project was the brainchild of Mr. Colin Wilkie, who was the manager of Manning’s Electrical Showroom and Mr. Colin Thomas, director of Manning, Wilkinson & Challenor Ltd. As was expected, the availability of pressing plant in Barbados encouraged many local artistes to have their work recorded and put on wax. Since at that time there were no professional recording studios on the island, local recordings were successfully accomplished using one-track studios at Barbados Redifussion Services Ltd. on River Road and CBC (Caribbean Broadcast Corp) located at Black Rock, St. Michael. Much credit must be giving to the engineers and the Disc Jockies of that era who successfully recorded these artistes with the limited technology available. The first album to be manufactured in Barbados was “TreasureChest” by the Merrymen of Barbados.”

The WIRL / TREX discography is compiled and researched by Geoff Carrington (Barbados), Jan Hofman (The Netherlands), Alfred Benjamin (Barbados/Brooklyn) Andreas Vingaard (Denmark / USA) with valuable contributions by Valerie Clark (Librarian, UWI, Barbados), Rainer Windisch (konzeptlos.com / Switzerland), Paolo Annicchiarico (Italy), Hugo Mendez (Sofrito / UK), Adam Dunbar (latinfunk.org / USA), A Man Called Warwick (Turning Point, Canada), Nick Balaam (UK), Andy Eldica Westbury (Eldica Records, UK), Jacob Graulund (Fyraftensboogie, Denmark) and Warren Hill.

WIRL / TREX 45′s, “B” catalogue:


B002 Silhouettes – Santa Anna // It’s Not Unusual

B003 Silhouettes Orchestra – Wayward Boy // Blue Star

B004 The Silhouettes (vocals Richard Stoute) – Try Me // Tell Daddy

B005 The Silhouettes (vocal Herman Fonde) – Remember To Stand By Me // A Still Small Voice

B006 The Silhouettes (vocal the Draytons) – Too Late // I Need Your Love

B007 All Stars Steelband of Barbados – Come Leh We Go / The Sound Of Music // That Happy Feeling / World Without Love

B011 Neville & Bruce – Jambalaya // Coming Back To The Island

B012 The Silhouettes – Cascade // Bossa Rod (Rediffusion)

B014 The Maestros Of Grenada – Pyjama Suit // Waltzing Cat

B017 The Maestros Of Grenada –Monica // Wayside Rose

B018 The Tropical Islanders of Barbados – Samba Tropical // Spanish Eyes

B019 Herman Forde feat. Teenage College Thrillers – Thinking About My Baby // That Train

B020 Ricky Francis – Lost My Heart In Barbados // I Love Barbados

B021 Ken Jemmott with The Teenage College Thrillers Orchestra – Hold Me // Strange

B022 Herman Forde – Cry To Me // So In Love

B023 R. Stoute & The Teenage College Thrillers – You Ain’t Gonna Let Me Down // Goodbye Now My Bajan Girl

B025 The Dukes Of Barbados (Acc The Troubadours Combo) – Why Did You Leave Me // The Lonely Boys

B026 The Dukes Of Barbados – Oh My Darling // Tell Me What To Do

B027 Blue Rhythm Combo – My World Is Empty Without You Babe // Streak‐O‐Lean

B028 Blue Rhythm Combo feat. Lew Kirton – What About You // Sign Of The Times

B029 Desmond Burke – Sarah // The Days Are Gone

B031 The Silhouettes Orchestra – Willy’s Dance // The Sound Of Silence

B032 Blue Rhythm Orch. Of St. Vincent – No Money No Love // Govenors Ball

B034 The Staccatoes – Red Rubber Ball // Guantamera

B035 The Staccatoes Orchestra – The Fugitive // Marta 

B036 The Soul Kings- Summer Wine // Somewhere

B037 The Soul Kings – Somewhere My Love // My Funny Valentine

B038 The Hammers – Tibisay // Just Love Me

B041 The Silhouettes feat The Draytons Two – When I See Her Face // He’s Only A Man

B043 The Swinging Stars of Dominica – Tom Cat Mambo // The Party

B044 The Swinging Stars Of Dominica – Shango Man // Rhythm & Blues

B045 The Blue Rhythm Orchestra of St Vincent – Nigger Man // Opus No. 1

B047 The Caravells – Monday // A Tree Cast Its Leaves

B048 Lew Drayton, acc. The Staccatoes – A Whiter Shade Of Pale // Georgy Girl

B049 Theo Bylhout With The Blue Rhythm Combo – Green Green Grass Of Home // Its Wonderful To Be Back Home

B050 The Tropical Islanders – The Donkey // Honeymooning Couple

B051 The Troubadours Combo – Samba De Barbade // Honeymooning Couple

B052 The Troubadours Combo –Fire In Your Wire // Without You

B052 The Troubadours Combo –Fire In Your Wire // Lost Without You (diff. track than above B052)

B053 The Opels Of Barbados – I Beg Of You // Come Back

B054 Blue Rhythm Combo of Barbados – Something Stupid // Main Stream

B055 The Telcos Combo – Chim Chim Cheree // Silence Is Golden

B056 Johnny Braff & The Opels with The Blue Rhythm Combo – Soul Time // When You Were Crying

B057 Johnny Braff and the Opels with the Blue Rhythm Combo – Dont Hurt Love // She

B059 The Soul Kings – You Only Live Twice // Mary In The Morning

B060 The Opels, acc. by The Telcos – Silver Bells / Holy Night // White Christmas / Santa’s Dance (7” EP-33RPM)

B061 Johnny Braff, acc. by Staccatoes – Wait For Me West Indies // I Love You

B062 The Swingin Stars Of Dominica – Soul Finger // Bon Bamde

B063 The Swinging Stars Of Dominica – Dominican Folk Medley // Serenata en Batanga

B065 Ivor Lynch – Why Did I Leave You // There’s No Tomorrow

B066 Austin Brothers Combo – As The Shadows Fall // Justina

B067 The Staccatoes – Miss Tourist // Only A Fool

B069 The Swinging Jays – 1969 / Old time days / / Money, Money, Money / CBC

B070 Kaiso Joe – Come Jump With Me // Tie You Pussy

B070 The Rhythmaires Combo – I’ll never let you go // Mas Mas Mas

B073 Lord Short Shirt, acc. by the Staccatoes – Unlucky Me // Tourist Carnival

B075 The Quavers – Carnival 68 // Trust In Your Heart

B076 Joseph Niles & The Consolers – Royal Telephone // Love In My Heart

B077 Herman Forde – Gone So They Say // Without Love

B078 College Thrillers – Sleep Walk // Jane

B079 Mickey Dee acc. by the Fantastics – Why Did Go // Time Is On My Side

B080 The Fantastics – Wonderful World // Never My Love

B081 The Big Six Orchestra – Devaluation // En El Strangero

B082 The Big Six Orchestra Of St. Lucia – Night And Day // Carmencia

B083 The Telcos Combo – Blue Umbrella // Little White Lies

B084 Ivan Browne – Island Woman // Would You Do It Again

B085 Terry Prescod feat. The Sunsents Combo – Just Can’t Be The Same // Since That Awful Day

B086 Johnny Braff, acc. by the Fantastics –  Silent Night Holy Night // It’s Christmas

B087 Johnny Braff – Chocolate Meet Milk // Love Brings Sorrow

B088 The Rhythmaires Combo – I Love You //Beatnik Generation

B089 Joseph Niles & the Consolers – I Feel Like Travelling On //This Train

B090 Joseph Niles & The Consolers Salvation – Has Been Brought Down My Lord // What A Morning

B91 Michael Forde The Gospel Soul Brother – Jacob’s Ladder // Pray To The Lord (Gospel Rhythm Records)

B092 Richard Stoute feat. Blue Rhythm Combo – I Don’t Want To Stay // You Can Make It If You Try

B093 Three + 2 – Spooky // Gimme The Rum Fast

B096 The Swinging Jays – Money Money Money // Old Time Days
B097 The Draytons Two – Your Love Wasn’t Real // Springtime
B099 Barbara & The Rhythmaires – In A Monastery Garden // The Lizard

B100 The Tropical Islanders – Sa Sa Ay // Un Poco Rio

B103 Tyrone Husbands – Buccaneer // Eione

B104 The Opels – Bottom Bailey // Lena

B105 The Telcos Combo – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You / Battie Mamselle

B106 Joseph Niles & The Consolers – Hiding Place // This World Is Not My Home

B107 Joseph Niles & The Consolers – When The Saints Go Marching In // Swing Down Chariot

B108 Joseph Niles & The Consolers – When The Sun Sets Over Jordan // Joseph Went Down To Ninaveh

B109 Ivan Browne – A Rich Man’s Spiritual // Four Strong Winds

B110 Richard Stoute feat. Blue Rhythm Combo – Rocksteady Christmas // Mary’s Boy Child

B111 The Saint – In the Year 2525 // Stand

B112 Tyrone and The Twilight Serenaders – Passport in St Lucia // Our Island

B114 Johnny Braff – Put the Blame On Me //Love At  School

B113 Rupert Blaize, acc. by the Viscount Orchestra of Antigua – Cloud Nine // The Days Of Wine And Roses

B115 Johnny Braff – Suffer You Fool // I’ll Kiss The Tears From Your Eyes

B116 Ivan Browne – Evening Time // Give Her Affection

B118 Mighty Dragon – Contented Woman / Donkey History

B119 Lord Short Shirt – Love Another // Loving In Vain

B120 Desmond Burke – I Don’t Want Her // Don’t Talk To Me

B121 Mighty Gabby – Wacky Woman // Never Me Again

B123 Syd Jones & The Gay Troubadours – Jingle Jangle // Simple Calypso

B124 The Tropical Islanders – Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In // Margie

B132 Leo Charmer – I Am Delivered // There’s A New Name

B133 Mighty Pelay acc. Big Six Orchestra – If // Jump, Jump, Jump

B134 Mighty Pelay acc. Big Six Orchestra – Some Nicer Woman // Mister Watch Your Skin

B135 Sam King – Do Lord // It Was God’s Great Love

B137 The Telcos – Down On The Corner // Dengue Fever

B138 The Opels Of Barbados – Keep Your Promise // Mama Ti

B139 The Opels Of Barbados – Kay Lay Lay Pom Pom // Please Don’t Cry

B140 Lord Short Shirt feat. The Hondells – Smart Country Girl // Raycan

B141 Lord Short Shirt feat. The Hondells – Treat Me Nice // Raycan

B142 Jean Beresford acc. by The Solid Senders – I Really Need You // I’m So Glad

B144 The Gospel Airs – Feeling Mighty Fine // Glory Glory

B145 The Draytons Two feat. Everydays People – Drink Milk // Hi‐Ti, Ti Ti

B146 The Draytons Two – Call On Me // Goodbye

B147 The Solid Senders Of Barbados – What You’re Doing To Me //?? (released On SOLID GROOVE Label)

B149 The Tropical Islanders – Masaiquito Cubano // Love Theme From Romeo & Juliette

B150 Sam King and the Martyrs (acc. by the Blue Beats) – I am Going to a Better Land // A Shelter in the Time of Storm

B151 Sam King And The Martyrs – On The Battle Field // I Want To Know More About My Lord

B152 Winston ‘Flook’ Richards acc. by Blue Rhythm Combo – Eatin’ Corn // Mr. Ram (released on Star Crown Records)

B153 Joseph Niles & The Consolers – A Church Meeting // Scandalising My Name

B155 Kaiso Joe – Bum Bum // Review

B157 Lord Short Shirt – Elena // Yankee In Carnival

B158 Mark Holder – Hey Baby // On My Way

B159 The Tropical Islanders – Knock Three Times // PP 99

B164 The Tropical Islanders – La Cigarrona // Theme From ‘Love Story’

B165 The Tropical Islanders – Make It With You // Play Mas

B167 Point 4 – Psych-O-Delic Doc // Twal Bagarak

B170 Emile Ford – Set Me Free // Don’t Remind Me

B171 The Draytons Two – Gimme Back Me Dollar // I Need Your Love

B172 Sid Jones & The Troubadours – I Love My Lord // How Can You Resist The Temptation

B173 Electrons – Forevermore // Lost Love

B177 Winston “Flook” Richards feat. BRC – Let Us Get Together // Got To Have Your Love

B180 Joseph Niles & The Consolers – Lend A Helping Hand // Advance

B181 Supersession – What About The Children // Down By The River

B185 Kaiso Joe – We Shall Overcome //Joe Don’t Go

B187 Lloyd Wilson Jr — Iron Mountain // Grazing In The Grass

B188 The Gospel Travellers – I’m A Jesus Man // The Wolves Have Entered Right In

B189 The Solid Senders – Starvation // Please Come Back

B190 The Merryboys – Hit Me Wid A Rock // Me And You And A Dog Name Boo

B193 Bunny Alleyne – Long Time In Bethlehem // Bless The Little Boy (True Records)

B194 Sid Jones & The Troubadours – Faith // People Get Ready

B199 The Gospel Airs – Oh happy Day //You Gotta Be A Baby

B200 The Solid Senders – The Christmas Song // The Funky Christmas Feeling

B202 Archibald McCoy Of Guyana – Sweet Guyana // Heaven Gates Are Open

B205 Bruce St. John – The Foetus Pains Pt.1 / Pt. 2

B206 Ann Riley Acc. by Joseph Niles & The Consolers — How Far Is Heaven // I’ve Got Confidence (Redemption Records)

B208 Joseph Niles & the Consolers – Have A Little Talk With Jesus // Meeting In The Air (Redemption Label)

B209 Carl Corbin acc. by Joseph Niles & the Consolers – There Is A Way // There Is A God

B210 Lord Radio & The Bimshire Boys – Grease man // I Truly Love You

B211 The Superbs, acc. by the Night Train – The Loser // ??

B214 The Escorts – I Shall Be Released // Never Ending Love

B216 The Opels – Javo // Peep Leep Sambo

B217 The Dukes Of Barbados – Donna //Taking Your Time With Love

B218 The Electrons – Close To You // Uhuru Harambee

B219 June Knight Acc. by Lloyd Wilson Studio Band – I Did // Barbados My Island Of Dreams

B221 Rupert Blaize – Give A Little Love // Land Of Cotton And Cane

B224 The Kay Sister – Thing’s Are Gonna Be Alright // Peace And Love

B225 Swinging Stars Of Dominica – Mrs. Harriman // Four Corners

B226 Gaylords Of Dominica – Sarah // Alphonso

B227 Bruce St. John – The Foetus Pleasures Pt.1 // The Foetus Pleasures Pt.2

B228 The Draytons Two – Blueberry Hill Spouge // Can I Change My Mind

B229 Lord Lee – Music And Women // Sugar Cane

B231 Sister Margreta Marshall Acc. by Joseph Niles & The Consolers – I Want My Crown // I Wouldn’t Turn Around (Redemption Records)

B232 De Opels – Lay Lou // Gang Gang

B233 The Revelations – Showman // Young Girl

B234 Kaiso Joe – Leg O Me Cock // Old Mas

B236 Gospel Comforters – Keep Your Eyes On Jesus // He Set Me Free (Redemption Records)

B237 Richard Stoute – What Bag I’m In // Pretty Blue Eyes

B238 Mighty Swallow – Pow Pow // Drunk For Carnival

B240 Nicky Porter – You And Me // Who Killed Jim Jones

B244 The Scouts Fourth Caribbean Jamboree 1972: Royal Barbados Police Band feat. The Merrymen – Building Together // The Merrymen – Building Together

B245 The Swinging Stars Of Dominica – Rope // Comancheros

B246 Franc Mosbaugh – American Pie // Frances Eve

B247 The Dynamics – Call Me A Fool // Take It Easy Girl

B248 Lunar 7 – Marry Me // Toronto Mas

B251 The Goodwill Singers – Dominican National Song // Dominican Government Band – Dominican National Song

B252 Maurice Alcindor – Les Faux Mulats // Sur Ta Tombe (tango)

B254 The Escorts – Sylvia’s Mother // Dawn

B255 Wendy Alleyne – Let It Show // Never Make A Fool Of A Woman

B256 The Draytons Two – To Late // Stick By Me

B257 Richard Stoute – I’m Going To Be Fine // To Love Somebody

B260 Tropical Islanders – Love Theme From “The Godfather” // St. Thomas gal

B265 Franc Mosbaugh – Winters Almost Gone // Alone Again Naturally

B266 The Gaylords – Hit Me With Music // Femme Marie

B268 The Solid Senders – Lavinder Blue // To The Top

B270 Sister Magreta Marshall – A Christmas Day // Its Christmas Time Again (Redemption Label)

B271 Ann Riley – Silver Bells // Merry Christmas (Redemption Label)

B273 The Tropical Islanders – Stir It Up // Wonderland By Night

B274 The Draytons Two – Things Of Christmas // Christmas Tree

B276 The Outfit – O Holy Night // Merry Christmas Baby

B278 De Opels – Bring It On Home To Me // Unchained Melody

B280 The Inner Circle – Over & Done // Loneliness Can Hurt

B282 The buccaneers – Stand by Me // Dance With Me

B285 The Dynamics – All I Have To Do Is // Hanging In My Mind

B286 The Dynamics – Please Think It Over // Lover Baby

B287 The Checkmates Special // Only A Fool

B288 The Draytons Two – I Love You Most Of All // Sweet Little Sugar Plum

B289 The Escorts – Sixpence // Loving Feeling

B290 The Escorts – Keep On Loving Me // Things

B291 The Belles Combo Of Dominica – Un Mai Que // Instant Groove

B292 The Belles Combo Of Dominica – Me & You // Sweet Melody

B293 Lunar 7 – Another Try // Theme From My Father

B296 Special Serving Of Okras In The Strew Industry In Action – Scene 1 // Scene 2

B298 Ann Riley – Heaven Come Down //Speckled Bird (Redemption Label)

B299 Joseph Niles & The Consolers – No Other Help // It Is No Secret

B300 Sister Marshall acc. Joseph Niles – What Manner Of A Man Is This // He Understands (Redemption Records)

B301 Gaylords Power Union – Dreams Of Africa (A Damoo Ziamba) // Instrumental

B302 Gaylords Power Union – I’m Going Home // I’m Going Home (Inst.)

B303 Gaylords Power Union – Wicked World Outside // Less Of Me

B304 Gaylords Power Union – Share Brother Share // Pt. 2

B306 Crusoe Kid – Blindman Making Love // Malik On The Run

B307 King Fighter – Animals Jumping // False Rumour

B308 Michael Andrews – Who Is To Blame // Gonna Cross The Moon

B311 The Outfit vocals by Hayden “Bells” Hinds – Hold Me Tight // Mr. Postman

B313 The Martyrs Acc The Glory Landers – Pray Is The Key // In The Arms Of Sweet Deliverance

B314 Lester Montrose – Rainy Sunday // You’re Just a Crazy Girl

B315 The Cardinals – I Love You // Tennessee Waltz

B317 The Night Train Of St. Lucia – Behold // Maggie May (Vocals by the Superbs)

B318 Emily Buster with the Night Train – Speak Softly Love // Macairo-Y-Felipa

B319 De Opels – Elana Bom Bom // Let It Be Me

B320 The Draytons Two – G.O. Go // Mr. Jones (Merry Disc)

B323 Richard Stoute – Love Is A Hurting Thing // Any Day Now

B324 The Tradewinds – Chantez Calypso // Cousin Dickie

B325 The Tradewinds – Wong Ping // Bird

B326 Springer & The Trutones – Candida // Don’t Play That Song

B328 Sister Sylvester Acc. Gospel Travellers – Moving On // He’ll Never Leave Me

B329 The Solid Senders – Our Day Will Come // Hell Of A Lot Of Woman

B331 De Original Opels – Mt. Bassman // Heaven On Earth

B332 Clarence Thompson & The Organization – Express Yourself // The Letter

B333 The Organization – Mongolia // Ponteio

B335 Wendy Alleyne Acc. The Dynamics – Stand By Love // Hey Mr. Blues

B336 Wendy Alleyne & The Dynamics – Can’t Control My Emotions // Have A Thing About You

B338 The Flippers – You’ve Got A Friend To Call On // Love Your Brother

B339 The Escorts – A Little Love // Cream Puff

B340 – Lord Short Shirt – Restless Night // Send Your King

B346 The TelStars Of Guyana – So Lucky // Neighbour Neighbour or No Liberation

B347 The Solid Senders – Yuletide Joy // Merry X-Mas Spouge

B348 Joseph Niles & The Consolers – Pack Up And Move // Lonesome Valley (Redemption Label)

B350 Jimmy Cliff – Born To Win // Fundamental Reggae (EMI Label)

B351 The Opels – Que Sera Sera // Danny Boy

B352 Tradewinds – Right On Baje // Wong Ping

B353 Patsy Cadet – Cucurucucu La Paloma // Mommy

B357 The Original Opels – The Skyjackers // The Ice Cream Vendor

B358 Springer & The Barons – Oh Babe // Spouge Rhythm

B361 Vibrations – Cupid // Dreaming

B363 Levi John Acc. The Organization – Love Love // Baby It’s A Miracle

B364 Levi John Acc. The Organization – Hearts Of Hearts // Flesh Deceiving (Spouge Beat Records)

B367 Ches Haynes & The Outfit – Please Don’t Go // Sweet Caroline

B366 Draytons Two – 6 And 7 Books Of Moses // Roe Boat (Merry Disc)

B368 Cynthia Lane & The Dynamics – Sweet Loving Man // Sweet Love

B370 El Verno Del Congo – Spouge Is De Beat // Tribute To Jackie

B372 The Cardinals – Don’t Mind My business // Fools Rush In

B373 Exile One – Cala Lou // Love

B374 Names & Faces – Mr. Dreamer // Mama Kon Look Joe

B376 Levi John – Hey Mr. Jackson // Hey Mr. Jackson (Version)

B377 The Flippers – Oh How Sweet It Is // Make Everyday A Good Day

B377 Choys la libertad Serenaders – Que Venga Maria // La Her-Mosa Musica

B378 Solid Senders, vocals Hugh Murray – You’re Back Again // So Nice To Be With You (Spouge Beat Records)

B382 Y.T.T. of Cariacou – Cry of the Poor // In The Beginning

B383 Clarence Thompson acc. by The Organization – I Don’t Want To Cry // Never Let Me Go

B384 R. Stoute – Vehicle // I Hate To Do My Woman Wrong

B385 Richard Stoute – My Girl // Best Part Of My Day

B389 The Dukes of Barbados – Let True Love Begin // Kidio My Love

B391 King Ja ja – Buy Your Own Cigarette // Bandit

B691 The Meditations – Babylon Trap Them // Do Mama Do

B393 Alfred Pragnell / Olga Lopes Seale – The Bridegroom’s Prayer // The Bride’s Prayer

B395 Springer & the Barons – More Good Than Bad // Nice To Know you Love

B396 Joseph Niles – Amazin Grace // People

B398 The Outfit feat. Phil “Bumpy” Dino – Use Me // Stop The World

B399 Lunar 7 – My Baby’s Gone // African Bump

B400 Lunar 7 feat. Brian Walker – I Cant Make It Alone // Having A Jolly Good Time

B401 The Trutones of St. Lucia – Stop Leaning On The Shoulder Of Your Brother // I Just Can’t Reach You

B403 The Regents – San Fernando Carnival // Sad Movies

B404 June Knight Acc. The Organization – Crazy Love // Got A lot Of Loving To Do

B409 The Tradewinds – Caribana // Tear Gas

B410 Tradewinds – Copy Cats // Sinner

B415 Lenny Shade – Marianne // Distant Drums

B416 Jimmy Cliff – My Love is Solid As a Rock // Money Won’t Save You (EMI)

B417 Dougy Mo & Czerena Ali Acc. The Dominators Orch. – What Happens To You // Someone

B422 The Draytons Two – You Got Me Humming // Love & Emotion

B425 The Escorts – I’ll Be The One For You // Half Way To Paradise

B426 Soulful Sad acc. Val Morris Orchestra – Dread Land Of Lands // Version

B428 The Merriboys – The Night Chicago Died // Everyday I Live

B429 Vini Folk Two – Children Awake // West Indian Christmas

B432 Winston St Hilaire – Let Us Live In Peace // I Need You

B433 Patricia Cummings – Tell It To Me // You’re Lying

B434 Dinesh Chandrapal – Bye Bye Papa // Tum Ho Meri Chand

B436 The Martyrs – Now I’m free // Wings Of A Dove

B438 The Telstars of Guyana – Tell Me Once Again // S.O.S.

B439 The Regents of Barbados – Love Is Me Love Is You // Alouette

B440 Versatile – Do-Re-Me // Country Boy in Town

B441 Carro – Cripple // Marriage Bacchanal

B443 Earl Rodney – Back Friends // Steel Band Music

B444 Earl Rodney – Friends And Countrymen Part 1 // Friends And Countrymen Part 2

B446 The Music Circle – Chameleon // Think

B447 The Mighty Enchanter – Joycelyn My Love // Dulari Betty (PEACE & LOVE Label)

B451 The Outfit – When Will I See You Again // Life Without You

B453 Jet Stars Organization – Cool Scorcher // Gordon’s Theme

B456 Manie Haniff – Gimme Lill Nah // Oh Guyana Baboo

B459 Wendy Alleyne & The Dynamics – I Am Depending On You // Don’t Let The Flames Die

B460 Lord Radio & The Bimshire Boys – Class Is Class // I Want You To Want Me

B462 Joseph Niles & The Consolers – A Little Less Of Me // Joshua fit The Battle (Redemption Label)

B463 Joseph Niles & the Consolers – I Come To The Garden Alone // Pine Log Cabin (Redemption Label)

B464 Flatbush – Which Way You’re Going // Monkey Woop Wham

B465 Emmanuel Joseph – Able // I Was Feeling Sorry

B470 Soul Servers – Stop To Start // Live Long And Be Happy (Little Antigua label)

B471 YTT Of Carriacou – Think First // The World Is Changing

B473 Terrace Clinton – Higher & Higher // Only One Woman

B474 Jeeva Whitehead – Nothing Is Impossible // Each For The Other

B476 Flatbush – You Can Have It All // Why They Malicious So

B477 Boo & The Tru Tones – Show The World // Stop Leaning On The Shoulder Of Your Brother

B477 Yoruba Singers – Crereta // Abiola: Danger Water (Released on GREEN SHRIMP)

B478 Yoruba Singers – Black Pepper // Basa Bongo

B479 Mickey Dee – Bet Your Life I Do // Let’s Straighten It Out

B481 Smokey Burke feat. The Organization – Get It Together feat. Cynthia Layne // I’m On Fire

B482 The Cannons – The Lion Sleeps Tonight // Twilight Eyes

B484 Mad Squad Of Anguilla – the Message // Insanity

B485 Mad Squad Of Anguilla – She Want Romance // You Will Never Say Goodbye

B486 Ecstasy – Hang On In There Baby // Please Stop Horning Me

B487 Andrew Bourne – Nuclear Melody // Wake Up Don’t Be Sheep

B488 Tradewinds – Rings Rings – Shake Ya Bam Bam

B489 Tradewinds – West Indian Alphabet // Dragon Dance

B490 Peter Leacock acc. By Lunar 7 – I’ve Had Enough // When Will It Stop

B491 The Escorts – Iona // Sit Down

B493 Barbara & The Rhythmaires Featuring Arleigh Springer – So Glad Your Mine // My Heart A Hopping Ball

B494 Super 8 – One Man Love // When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever

B495 El Verno del Congo – Wham By Ye // Congo Spouge

B499 Lord Brothers (acc. By Lunar 7) – Pickpockets // Sooner The Better

B500 Boo & The Trutones – You Sexy Thing // You Sexy Thing (Version)

B503 Sister Magreta Marshall – Crumbs From The Table // ?

B505 Reunion – Lonely // Leave The Married Men Alone

B506 Emmanual Joseph Acc. by Gospel Comforters – Jesus had called me // Still have Jesus

B507 Hot Chocolate – Call The Police // Lay Me Down (EMI Records)

B511 De Guystars String Orchestra – Twenty Minutes To Caracas // Play The Record (Peace & Love Records)

B512 Lunar 7 – Spouge Explosion // Here I Am Come And Take Me

B514 The Tradewinds – Una Paloma Blanca // Motor Car

B520 Vibrations – Fiery // Flag Woman

B521 Vibrations – How You Jammin’ So // Constant Jammin’

B522 Richard Stoute – I’m Free // Pity The Fool

B524 The Mighty Enchanter Acc. Joseph Trotman & the Enchanters combo – Dishonest Pandit // Don’t Cry Rita (PEACE & LOVE)

B529 Mark Holder – Trapped // To Make You Happy

B531 Dhanesar Pakaloo – Ma Guyana (Hundi) // Mother Guyana

B534 Rita Forrester & The Four Friends – The Mash Man // Set My Heart At Ease

B534 Trinidad Troubadours – Trinidad Hustle // Tell Him I’m Not Home

B535 Mark Holder – Bring My Lover Back // Thrilling Emotion

B535 The Hiltones – No One Can Take Our Love Away // Let That Someone Be Me

B537 Rita Coolidge – Everybody Loves A Winner // My Crew (A&M label) WIRL

B538 The Organization – Swing For Bumsy // Bye Bye Love

B539 Sach Moore – Try To Find The Notion // That’s Not The Way Love’s Supposed

B543 Revolution Of St Vincent – The Little You Say // Let Your Love Flow

B544 Revolution Of St Vincent – What Ever Man Sow // Discoringue

B545 Francis Regis & the Cariblue Combo – Wild World // Wild World Version

B546 Harmony – You Got Right Through To Me // Drop Of A Hat

B548 Ray Brooks – On Her Wedding Day // That’s Why Its You

B550 Peter Leacock – Love Me Still // If I Can Make You Mine

B552 Cynthia Layne – Make This Moment Last // Cynthia Layne & Smokey Burke – A Little Understanding

B553 Ashantis – Let My Love Shine // Pretty Girl (EMI Records)

B554 The Artels Of Anguilla – His Own Opinion // Reaching Out

B556 Bob Marley & The Wailers – Exodus // One Love / People Get Ready (Tuff Gong Records)

B558 Rex West – Caroline 77 // Breakdown, Breakdown, Breakdown

B562 Eddie Hooper – As Innocent As You // Lil Gal

B563 Blue Rhythm Combo – In My Dreams // I’m Too Old (To Go Thru Your Changes)

B564 Freddy Gumbs & The Twinkle Stars – Bounsing Calypso // Freddy Forever

B565 Eric Burdon Band – Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood // Sun Secrets (Capital Records)

B566 Carl Garner – Myself // For The Breakup

B566 Josephine Marsden – I need A Man // We’re All Alone

B567 Blue Ventures – I Like Dreaming // Theme From ‘Rocky

B568 Celestine Williams/King Cobra – Don’t Ever Try To Change Me // A Vacation To Remember

B570 The Mighty Terror – My Suggestion // Cating For Hijacking

B571 Mike Gosvenor & The Dynamics – Tell Me // Independent Man

B572 Rita Forrester – You Made Me Smile Again // How It Must Be

B573 Boo & The TruTone – I Love The Way It Feels To Want You // Tourist Leggo

B574 Wendy Alleyne & The Dynamics – This Time I’ll Be Sweeter // Hold Me Love Me & Take Me Home

B575 Artels of Aquilla – Keep On Looking // Crystal Chandeliers

B576 Eddie Hooper – My Life My Music & Me // That’s What We Want

B578 Wildfire – Try Making Love // Try Making Love Part 2

B579 Mighty feat. Bimshire Boys – Bread On The Dead // Frustrated Teacher

B580 Frankie Atwell – Never Give Up // Never Give Up (version)

B581 The Trutones – Condom // Blue Danube Hustle

B582 Joseph Niles & The Consolers – If I Perish //God Is Standing By (Redemption Label)

B586 The Revolution Of St. Vincent – Street Party // Mas Anytime

B588 Carl Douglas – I’ll Keep Lovin’ You // Green Tangerines (PYE Records)

B589 Wild Fire – Ol’ Man River // The Dealer

B590 Aubrey Cummins acc. by The Brothers – Ride On A Winner // Same Title

B590 Aubrey Cummings – A Flower Named June // Maybe I Am The One

B592 Slim Ali Famous Hodi Boys – You Can Do It // We Need A Little Time (spelt Alli on the label)

B593 Affetuosos Of St. Vincent – Intoxicated Lover // Can’t Let You Go

B594 Affetuosos Of St. Vincent – Children of the Caribbean // Where Does A Man Go

B595 Flatbush – Caribbean Disco // Disco Breakdown (Version)

B596 Malcolm Austin Acc. The Cardinals –  Straight From This Heart Of Mine // Just A Few More Words

B597 Rudy Boyce – Let’s Make Love One More Time // Stay In Line

B598 Bob Marley – Waiting In Vain // Turn Your Light Down Low (Tuff Gong label)

B599 Mitey Rocky (Prince From Hell) – Revenge In Hell // I Die In Slavery

B600 Nadie La Fond – Three Way Situation // Same (Yolk Productions)

B601 Lord Baker – My Carnival Plan // Calypso Pama

B603 – Hilton Samuel & Jennifer Walters, arranged and performed by Freedom Suite – Sometimes // I Don’t Think We Can Make It

B604 The Stovall Sister – The Love Of God // I’m Ready To Serve The Lord (Reprise Records)

B606 The Checkmates – Disco Groove // Spouge Beat

B607 Lionel Abel – I Found Something // I Love You Baby

B608 Ace Cannon – Easy // Let The Force Be With You (Release On The Cream Label)

B609 The Mighty Dragon – Talkin’ Parrot // Sweet Pan

B610 Frankie Miller – Take Good Care Of Yourself // Love Letters (Chrysalis Records)

B614 Blue Ventures – Our Penny (From Heaven) // Tanty

B617 Jeeva Whitehead – Promise Me // He

B618 Mike Grosvenor – I’m Scared I Might Lose You // Feel Like Makin’ Love

B619 Trevor Payne – Teenager In Love // I Could Never Reach You Papa

B620 Rita Forrester, acc. by Blue Rhythm Combo – Circles // To Love You

B621 Blue Rhythm Combo – Come Leh We Jam // Sugar Bum Bum

B623 The Hodi Boys – Tell Me // Something Good

B625 Clarence Thompson w. The BRC – You, Me & Love // The Thing In C

B626 Hugh Murray acc. by the BRC – Stay With Me // First Impression

B627 The Draytons Two, backed by BRC – River Come Down // Brother To Brother

B628 Rebirth Seven Original – Brother Daniel // Dansay

B629 Sheryl Hacket -You Light Up My Fire // Charlie & The Cyclones – In The Mood

B631 Bill-O-Men – Marie Claude // Greve Generale (A3 Productions label)

B632 Ry Cooder – He’ll Have To Go // Goodnight Irene (REPRISE Records)

B635 Jimmy Cliff – Pack Your Things // Deal With Life (Sun Flower Label)

B636 Bob Marley & The Wailers – Is This Love // Version (Tuff Gong Records)

B637 Peter Leacock – Overnight Sensation // Donna

B638 Caribbean Torpedos – Soca Woman // Perceverence

B639 Clymax – Natty Conqueror // Until Then

B640 Clymax – Vinicie Spree // Sweet Tempo

B641 Clymax – Clymax Jam // Carnival Boogie

B642 The Roots Band – Roots Rock // Joy & Happiness

B643 Mark Bryan – Ganja Brothers // Lost By Love

B644 Gravson April AK Mark Bruyan – Angel Baby // Searching For The Pieces

B646 Nelta Wyatt – Step Right On To Love // Last Night’s Blues

B648 Quavers Of St. Lucia – Mabouya // Sudden Trip

B650 Joseph Nile & The Consolers – I Recommend My Lord To You // Before Your Life Is Too Far Gone (Redemption label)

B651 The Vibrations – Maria // “Doin’ It Over (Ain’t Over Doin’ It)

B652 Hot Chocolate – Sometimes It Hurts To Be A Friend // Love Is The Answer One More Time

B655 Jenny Adams – Seeing You There (Knowing You’re Near) // We Can Make It

B656 Black Roots – Weculte Terre La // Ban The Corruption

B658 Black Roots – Pas Cole // Unity

B659 The Draytons Two – It Was Written Down // Play Dah Spouge (12″ Single)

B660 Friends – Someone Loves You Honey // Beautiful Barbados

B661 Hilton Samuel & Jennifer Walters – Ride On A Winner // Ride On A Winner (Version)

B662 The Outfit – Dr Spougenstein // Theme From Peter Gunn

B664 Sing Out Barbados Pappy – Something Is Going Wrong // This Morning

B665 New Expression – L’arrivee De Jojo (Cadence) // Yo Pa Le Joue Biguine

? ? Lilly // Love Is That Something That Leads You

B668 the Escorts International – Cora // Vagabond

B669 King Reeva – Jam With Pace // On Top Of St. Kitts & Nevis (7″ 45rpm comes in a picture sleeve)

B670 Jimmy Cliff – Stand Up And Fight Back // You Left Me Standing At The door (Sun Flower Label)

B673 Mighty Warrior – Liming // Cleveland Woman

B674 Black Prince – Oh Lamb‐Oh Lamb // Jam Session Festival

B675 Swinging Stars – Little Drummer Boy // Mamasita

B676 Aubrey Cummings – I Think I’m In Love // To Fall In Love

B677 Wendy Alleyne & The Dynamics – He’s So Fine // All I Want Is Music

B680 King Sweeney – True King Return To Sing // SKB On Fire

B681 – Mighty Entertainer – Think // Carnival

B682 Mark The First, backed by Caribbean Heat Wave – Awake // Lasso Man

B683 Desmond Campbell – Byamba // I Can’t Live Without You

B684 Verne Best – Pue Lay Lay // Fill Me With Love

B689 The Resurrection Of St Vincent – Please Don’t You Go // Me Pay Too Small

B690 Calypso Demon – Ah Eat Pepper // More Pepper

B692 Might Viking – Saltfish Soca // Donkey Soca

B693 Aalon – Magic Nights Pt. 1 // Magic Nights Pt. 2 (Arista Records)

B694 The Tradewinds – Chocolat // Fifi (Penny Records)

B695 The Tradewinds – Brother Jonesie // La Vie

B696 The Dynamics – Jump till Daybreak // Yankee in Action

B698 Charles Jackson – Ooh Child // The Train (Capital Records)

B699 Mighty Dragon – De Water Runnin’ // The Shooting Scare

B700 The Gospel Comforters – When Jesus Comes // ? (Redemption Label)

B701 Choir of Pine Primary School – Flowers of God’s garden // When a Child is Born

B705 Mighty Dragon – Maurice Free Dem // De Water Running

B706 Clarence Thompson 2 + 1 – Norman & Audrey // Beautiful Barbados

B707 Clarence Thompson 2 + 1 – Welcome The Morning Sun // Drinks

B709 Mighty Viking – Shoemaker // Donkey Soca

B711 Sydney Dazzle – I’ve Got The Feeling // Let Me Love Again

B712 Rex Harley – Dread in a Pra // Osi

B713 Rebellions – Funky Rainbow // Disco Soca Song

B715 Barbara Fing – All I Want Is Your Love // For The Children

B717 Mike Gosvenor – Check De Festival // Version

B719 Mike Grosvenor – Let’s Talk It Over // Pressing Onward

B722 Affetuosos – Ethiopia // Soca Baby

B723 Affetuosos – Hopefully // Five wasted Years

B725 Neisha Benjamin, backed by Harold Boodoo’s Jit Seesahai Melody Makers – Romeo // Short Dress

B727 Zarro Backed by Fabulous Antiguans – Hot Shot // Tin Pan Alley

B728 Calypso Brain – Calypso Brain Return // Preparing For Carnival 1979 (Antigua Label)

B730 Kenny Rogers & Dottie West – Till I Can Make It On My Own // Let It Be Me (United Artist Records)

B734 Mighty Liar – She Want Pan // Nobody Don’t Like Me (released on SLC Records)

B735 Gary Walters – Give Me Strengh // Bajan Woman

B737 Dianne Goodman – Our Love Is Here To Stay // For The Children (version) (CentraC Records)

B739 Bellamy Brothers – If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me // May You Never (Warner Brothers Label)

B742 Tony Wilson – Africa // Forever Young (Warner Brothers label)

B740 Zodiac – Get Up And Know Yourself // Version (CentraC Records)

B746 Resurrection of St. Vincent – My Love Is True // Dem Think Me Foolish

B747 Agnes Stuart – You Are The One I Love // Spouge Rocking

B749 Jasheem – Mount Gemi Raid // Esel Yonan Chak – Calypso Fever

B751 Franz Lambkin (DE LAMO) – Ticket System // Mas Must Play

B755 Desmond Campbell – Zing Gay // Muchacha

B756 Jack Lee – Don’t Take Your Love From Me // I Never Had It So Good

B757 Wendy Alleyne Acc. The Dynamics – Send In The Clown // I Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love

B758 The Draytons Two – Face Reality // Eno

B761 Jimmy Cliff – Standing Up For Love // Satan Kingdom (Sunpower label)

B762 Mighty Spider – Shanke // Sholoh

B763 Vibration – Is We Cropover // Blackpond – Politicians

B764 Ann Riley – Thank You // Beautiful Barbados, Beautiful Me

B765 Ann Riley – I Will Make Love Work // Hello Love Goodbye

B766 Alan John Feidtkoy – Don’t Make Me A God // Jesus Is The King

B767 The Escorts – The Crop Done Reap // Canes Green

B768 Nitelife – Action At The Garrison // My Beautiful Bajan Girl

B773 Invader No. 3 – Quovadis Caribbean // Crop Over 1980

B774 Head-O – Pour De Ting // Old Lady

B775 Pat Aaron & the W.G.M. Band – Chapters 1,2,3 // We The People

B776 Zarro – Salt Fish And Bread // Dem Ah Do Um Again

B780 Double feature – Preaching Genocide // Version (Released as a  12” & 7”)

B782 Clarence Tee And Spree – Bum Bum Jam // Its So Good 

B783 Clarence Tee & Spree – Spread Love // Lucy’s Door

B790 Lord Protector – No Peace // Version

B796 Neisha Benjamin – Mario // 304

B797 Father Eustace Thomas – Together We Are In Christ’s Body // Clear De Way

B798 Dennis Bovell – Brain Damage // Heaven

B799 The Draytons Two – Sad Song // Reflections Of My Life

B802 Socony – If You Take A Chance // Tomorrow Is Just Another Place

B803 Johnny Braff – Cry Me A River // Cry Me A River (Instrumental)

B804 Nitelife – The Winner Takes It All // Guilty

B805 Adonijah – Dreadlock Symphony // Ethiopian Rock

B805 Carla Fauche – Love // Message For You

B810 K.G. – Babylon Go Fall // Silver Jam

B813 Johnny Braff – Anything He Can Do // It Burns Inside (ACE Records)

B817 Roosevelt Johnson – Festival Time // Soca Granny

B817 Mighty Dragon – Hand Of The Trigger // Tanty Myrl (TREX 12″, 45 rpm)

B818 Compton “Coody” Hodge – Let The Party Begin // Pride

B821 Christmas With Watty Watkins Orchestra – Blue Christmas // Christmas Medley: Rudolph The Red Nose Raindeer / Silver Bells

B826 Lord Lester – Mas In Port Of Spain // Be Thankful For (Intergris)

B826 X-Plosive – Jump // Pride
B827 X-Plosive — SOS (sound Of Soca) // Watch Your Movement

B838 Yoruba Singers – Amara Joe // Lie Down Gal  (Interculture Label)

B856 Earle “Gitz” Ensemble – Better Late Than Never // The Language Of Your Eyes

B857 Mike Grosvenor – Long Night In Africa // Let The Music Play

B858 Compton “Coody” Hodge – Disco Faker // Let’s Steal Away

B862 Hamilton Bros – A Little Bit Of Love // Rosemary (Adapted)

B864 Zodiac – Love Is The Key // Love Is The Key (Inst.)

B867 Olwin Moore & Margaret Bovell – The Closer You Are // Live In Love 

B870 King Short Shirt – You’re The One For Me //Push (A&B Label)

B871 P.J. – Calypso // Kill De Pig

B876 Mighty Arrow – Menu // Party Hopping (RH PRODUCTION Label)

B877 Arrow – Hot Hot Hot // Pulling Bull (RH PRODUCTION Label)

B880 Cassius Clay – Bajan Woman // Neighbours

B885 Grant Evelyn –Since You Came // Version

B886 Mighty Dragon – Let We Wine // True Confession

B887 Pompey – Rockers Festival // I Ain’t Looking for Man

B890 Serenader – Sugar Stick // Don’t Feel It (Also released as 12″ with the catalog number W181)

B901 Pat Ross – Go Get Your Woman // Where’s That Love Gone

B902 Benjax – Waiting For You // All Over You

B908 Poonka – Tuk Band Rhythm //Ballroom

B913  MarK Jah Jah Bryan – Sharron Sharron // Revelation Song

B915 Wild Fire – Just One Time // U.S.S.R.

B934 Winston Soso – Carnival // Come Lay We Go In The Back And Fool Around (Straker Records)

B941 Arrow – Colombia Rock // Party Mix

B946 Elvis Presley – Blue Moon // Good Luck Charm (RCA Records)

B951 Judy Mowatt – Let’s Dance // Dub

B956 Mighty Saga, acc. By Ed Watson & Brass Circle – Local Education // Mighty Chyper, acc. By Ed Watson & Brass Circle – Chyper Going Hippie

B965 Richard Stoute – Mr. Rich Man // Version

B966 Reunion – Only Jah Jah Will // Dub

B991 Arrow – Puerto Rico Jam // More Fete

B1024 Laul Thomas – Jammin’ to the Rockers // Musical Meditation

B1040 Sauvage – Where Do We Go From Here // Sing-A-Long

B969 Vincent Layne – Doubt In My Mind // Doubt In My Mind (Inst.)

B1030 Kelwyn Hutchingson – At Christmas Your Heart Goes Home // At Christmas Your Heart Goes Home

B1044 Second Avenue feat. Cindy Legall – Since You Came In // Since You Came In (instrumental)

B1044 Second Avenue feat. Phillip Forrester – Crying Over You// Crying Over You (Inst.)

B1065 Exodus – Shine On Jamaica // Version

B1135 Splashband – Rude Boy Cool Down // Version

B1141 Splashband – Really On You // Version

B1042 Maurice Cave – Our Love // Get Me Reggae

W1092 Spice and Company– Shake It Up Baby


TREX Releases without Catalogue number:

TREX (orange / black label) LORD SHORT SHIRT – Run Shorty Run (backed by the Silhouettes) // Beatles And The M.B.E. 

TREX (blue / black label) Lord Cammy – Sings At the Surinam Torarica Hotel-Casino: The Border Question / Shame Story Of Paranam // Gado Dado Tikkie / Alwin  


WIRL / TREX 45’s: “W” catalogue:

W0004 The Mighty Sparrow – Brass-O-Rama // My Connie (Juke Box Use Only)


W101 Jackie Opel & The Troubadours – I’m In Love Again // Every Word I Say Is True

W102 Jackie Opel & The Troubadours – Don’t Let Her Go // You Got To Pay

W115 Viper – Ting Tong // Version

W128 Lord Canary – Guyana Republic Day // Home Cooking

W129 Jackie Opel feat. Syd Jones & The Troubadours – You’re No Good // Tears From My Eyes

W136 Lord Radio Acc. The Bimshire Boys – Black Power Situation //yours Sincerely

W142 Jean Beresford – I Really Need You // I’m So Glad

W151 Sound Revolution – A Touch Of Class // Doreen

W158 Mark Holder – Hey Baby // On My Way

W168 Mickey Dee feat. The Point 4 – It’s Been A Long Time // Ask Myself

W174 Mark Holder – Danny Boy // Thrilling Emotion

W175 De Opels – Too Young For Love // Veronica

W176 Plain Clothes – Honey // Maxi Taxi

W176 De Opels – Boogaloo // Javo

W178 Mike Wilkinson – My Way // Love’s Been Good To Me

W181 Serenader – Don’t Feel It // Sugar Stick

W182 Termite – Ten Dollar Man // Party Feeling

W185 Pompey – I Ain’t Looking For Man // Rockers Festival (Remix)

W186 Peter Radix – Morning Star: African Man / African Version // Guidance / Guidance Version

W193 Plain Clothes –  Crutch // Miss Thomas

W198 Singing Francine – She // China Man

W208 Musical – Party // She Jammin With Jim

W217 Bumba – Got To Be Drunk // Break Dancing

W219 Jenny Pakeera  – I’m Going Fine // Hold On

W205 Pompey – He So // She Want De Man

W222 De Hawk – Judgement Day // Super Show

W239 David Hunte & Wendy Alleyne – I Wanna Be With You // What’s Your Name

W241 Plain Clothes  –  We Laughing // Aids

W242 Mike Grosvenor & Nitelife – Sexy // The Next Time We Kiss

W246 Black Pawn – Visions // On My Own Steam

W250 Blackmailer – Pudding & Souse // Version

W336 Wendy Alleyne – Have A Thing About You // Can’t Control My Emotions

W361 Robbie — Rootsman/Version b/w Pension/Version (TOUCH label)

W370 Splashband – Get Busy (Get Behind The Truck) // Version

W373 Malik – A Madman // She Can’t Tek Me

W387 The Troubadours Intl. – De Ting Sweet // Version

W389 Dukes Of Barbados – Let True Love Begin // Kidio

W392 Emile Straker – Do The Kangroo Hop // Rue Rue

W403 Splashband – Gimme Soma Dat // Version

W410 The Tradewinds – Sinner // Copy Cats

W442 Splashband – Paris Wine // Version

W464 Flatbush – Monkey Woop Wham // Which Way You’re Going Baby

W493  Arleigh Springer – My Heart A Hopping Ball // So Glad You’re Mine

W507 The Tradewinds – Operator // All Of That Is Mas (also released with catalog number WIRL PR507)

W508 Wendy Alleyne & The Dynamics – Midnight Blue // You Got To Have An Understanding

W509 The Dynamics – Gimme Music // Lets Pick Up From Where We Left Off

W510 The Cox Family, vocal by Ulric Nurse – Only Jesus Knows // Have You Made Ready (Prelude label) 

W543 Revolution Of St. Vincent – The Little You Say // Let Your Love Flow

W544 Revolution Of St. Vincent – Discouringue // Whatever Man Saw

W549 The Funkle – You And Me (And Only You) // The Hermitage – Hey Pretty Face

W550 Peter Leacock – Love Me Still // If I Can Make You Mine

W551 The Escorts – Get Sexy // In Loving Memories

W 552 Cynthia Layne – Make this moment last // Cynthia Layne & Smokey Burke – A little Understanding

W553 Ashantis – Let My Love Shine In // Pretty Girl (EMI-WIRL)

W578 Wild Fire/Tony Wilson – Try Making Love // Part 2

W809 Serenader – Gey Out Muh House // Old Woman From Toronto

W864 Zodiac – Love Is The Key // Instrumental (also released as B864)

W975 Mighty Whitey – You Too Big // Version (12”)

W976 Ronnie D – Hold On // Version

W980 Creative Sounds – Fatman // Version

W982 Johnny Ma Boy – I Want A Plantation // Tell Dem Fuh Queue

W983 Ronnie D – Hold On // Version (also released as a 7″: W976)

W1004 Keith Jack Lee – 50 Billion // Don’t Leave

W1012 Mike Grosvenor – Let Me Be Your Friend // You Can Run From Love

W1015 The Wilknisons – The Super Mix // Version

W1019 Reporter – Party Time – Party Mix // Polarisation – Polarisation (Instrumental)

W1020 Cubba – De Big Race // Version (12”)

W1030 Drupatee – Ramgoonai // Raise Yuh Hand

W1036 Bumba – Why Can’t this Feeling Go On // Go to Be Drunk

W1038 Tallest – DisFeeling // Version (12”)

W1046 Lil Midge (Midge Springer) – She Say // Version

W1048 Jesse James – Splish Splash // Instrumental Version

W1053 Mighty Condencer – African Queen //Version (12”)

W1054 Tyrone Husbands – Sweet Talking Old Woman // Version

W1056 Draytons – Bajan Posse // Bajan Posse (Version)

W1086 Emile Straker – Bubbling Soca // Bubbling Soca (Version)

W1089 Bumba –  Seamen  / Helsinki // Soca In Me Brain / Soca In me Brain (Version)

W1097 Spice & Co. – Round & Round // Version

W1098 The Merrymen – Caribbean Man // Sweet Lambada Song

W1102 Square One – Time Flies // Version

W1110 Bumba – Stop Mallin’ We // Version

W1115 Ras Iley – Expose (Radio Mix) // Expose (Dance Mix)

W1122 Richard X – Blows // Jamming In The Party

W1124 Sunsplash – Leh Me Do Bad // Version

W1126 Coalition – Zouke Dem // version (12”)

W1129 Observer – School Gal Rite (Live) // Cat Attack (12”)

W1041 Twiggy – Saucy Soca (12″?)

W1944 Lord Bryner – martin Luther king Message // Philadelphia Here We Come

W1945 Lord Bryner – Rich Man Poor Man // Kumina Rise Tonight

W3035 Pan Am Jet North Stars Steel Orchestra – Souvenirs In Steel


Misc. Catalogue numbers, 45′s printed by WIRL:

GSB 593 Oscar James – Feeling & Emotion // Babylon

V439 Lord Protector – No Peace // Version (also released as a 7″ B790)

VF69 (WIRL) Vini Folk – Back To The Land // Care Your Love

PR102 (WIRL) The Tradewinds – Right On // Bird

PR106 The Tradewinds – Bethlehem // (There Is An) Autumn Room

PR507 The Tradewinds – Operator // All Of That Is Mas (also released with catalog number W507)

PR508 The Tradewinds – You Can’t Get Throw Out // The Lifeline

PR523 Tradewinds – Old Man / French Man, 1974 (WIRL 45)

PR528 Tradewinds – Obeah // Beat Dem Pan

Draytons Two feat. Everydays People – Goodbye // Call On Me

SCL The Bongo Knights – Bachelor Girl // Fever In Your Liver

SCL The Tropical Islanders – Musical Communion // Your Other Love

SCL The Tropical Islanders – World Without Love / Mondo Cane#2 // Never Walk Alone / My Boy Lolipop

SCL The Blue Rhythm Combo – Musaka // It Won’t Be Long Now // You Are Always In My Heart // Guitar Tango

SCL The Merrymen – The Guns // Calypso Island

STD-004 Swinging Stars Orch. – Ghetto Man // Love Can Make You Happy

Co‐551 The Merrymen – Yellow Bird / Brother Neddy  // Limbo / Beautiful Barbados

The Merrymen – Land Of The Sea & Sun/Legend Of Sam Lord Miss Hessie/Caribbean Love Song

EP‐OC‐DODD The Merrymen – Don’t Let The Rain Come Down / Bajan Woman // Spanish Harlem / Zombie Jamboree

MN0023 The Merrymen – Ring Ting Ting // Caribbean Boy

122 The Merrymen – Big Bamboo // Island Woman

151 The Merrymen – Miss Hessie // One Two Three

152/154 The Merrymen Brother Neddy // Diddley Bops

1444 Mighty PELAY – Merry Christmas Our Way

1445 Mighty Pelay – First Time Around

RB-3 Rupert Blaize — Qualified

W1271/1272 The Merrymen – Archie // Girl Next Door

WLP-TH 001 Tyrone Husbanda & The Clouds – I’ll Always Love You

WL152/ 153 AL & The Ethiopians with the Supersonics – Train To Skaville // You Are The Girl

WL129 The Merrymen – Bam Bam // Guantamera

WL140/141 The Merrymen – Calypso Medley // Mary Ann

WL140/146 The Merrymen – Uncle Joe // Bermuda Woman

WL152/ 153 AL & The Ethiopians with the Supersonics – Train To Skaville // You Are The Girl

WL781/782 – The Merrymen – Nut Seller // Rebels

WL179 The Merrymen – Hold Back The Night // Soul Calypso

WP006 Jay London – All By Myself // Dream Weaver

3130 The Merrymen – The Guns // Calypso Island

3675 The Merrymen – Big Bamboo // Island Woman

MSL Casimir Pitt – Grenada – May God Bless You // Melody de Kalabshe

MSL4/M763020 Keeley Marshall & The Motorway Singers – We Are Happy people

DG 02268 Kenny Lawrence (acc. By Music Makers) – Lonely Me // Tracy Reggae (TREX)

WP 009 Judith Dash – Hello Stranger // Your Love (wirl label)

Without Catalogue numbers, made by WIRL:

The Soul Kings – At The Half Moon Hotel: Just A Closer Walk With Thee / The Breeze And I // Ghost Rider / Danny Boy (comes with in picture sleeve)

The Soul Kings – Session No.7 // I Almost Lost My Mind

West Indies School Choir, Children Of St. Gabriels School – Lets Hold Hands // Lets Hold Hands

The Tropical Islanders – Don’t Go, Please Stay // The Hungry Bajan Man

Lord Short Shirt acc. by The Silhouettes – No Place Like Home // It’s You I Love

The Victor Band – Tonight // The Richards Bros – How Many Times (TREX label, pressed in Jamaica, no cat. #)

Gerry Lloyd – Super Time//The Kneeling Drunkard’s Plea (TREX, no cat. #)

'WIRL / TREX 45 Discography' have 9 comments

  1. 27/05/2014 @ 3:57 PM adrian ventour

    looking for a song which was recorded on this label around 1976 its called this time il be sweeter female vocals i think the b side is called hold me been trying to track it down for years any information will be helpfull.


    • 08/11/2019 @ 8:23 AM Derek Green

      Do you mean This time I’ll be sweeter by Wendy Alleyne and the Dynamics


  2. 28/02/2016 @ 9:51 PM Barry Edwards

    Will the Pebblegroove Discography be added to this site?


  3. 13/07/2016 @ 5:28 AM Michael ryan

    Will you add Randolph George ..(runaway cop & lets rock) ? It was released by will in 1982/83


  4. 26/11/2016 @ 12:48 AM Warren Hill

    Not sure if you’re looking for additions but Trex B150 is:

    Sam King and the Martyrs (acc. by the Blue Beats) – I am Going to a Better Land b/w A Shelter in the Time of Storm


  5. 08/01/2020 @ 7:50 AM Nick

    Does anyone know who to contact about making a CD/LP box-set of all this. Can this music be heard? Does anyone have some decent quality digital files of these 45’s?


  6. 28/04/2020 @ 9:43 AM 1

    He is an important player not just in the national team but in his club.


  7. 23/11/2020 @ 4:48 PM Leslie Corby

    What is the difference between the green label w 809 and the orange label, I have the orange with no centre


  8. 24/04/2021 @ 11:13 AM ReggaeRobi

    W1054 Tyrone Husbands – Sweet Talking Old Woman // Version
    is for real
    Kind regards, Robi


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