Interview: Record shop owner Slap A’ Olsen

Ah, the joy of finding good records for cheap! To record collectors, DJs and cratediggers, it’s like striking gold. Imagine having a local record shop with a steady flow of import records, old and new, in every genre, priced at 1 Euro each. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Nonetheless, that’s exactly the…


Interview: Producer Per Meistrup

Per Meistrup was exposed to music early on through his parents. As the tidal wave of beat music flooded the world, Meistrup exchanged his piano with a guitar. That led to gigs backing fabled Danish singer Peter Belli early on. Soon after Meistrup decided to make a career change and went into aviation while leaving music behind, at least for a…


Interview: DJ TNT

Life moves in circles, and old music comes back into fashion. Because of the current ‘random rap’ trend a lot of forgotten or overlooked rap records from the ’80s and ’90s enjoy a second life. One of those lost gems is ‘Dope Material’ by rapper Dose Material. The song, recently featured on a DJ Muro…


Interview: Soulshock

Most big things have small beginnings. You might know Carsten ‘Soulshock’ Schack as a hitman for Usher, Whitney Houston and Sting, and if you live in Denmark as one of the judges on the Danish version of X-Factor. But the successful Danish musicmaker started out as an underground Hiphop DJ in the late 1980s; competing…


Interview: Maiken Gulmann about Sahib Shihab

During the 1960’s many American jazz musicians settled all across the Europe. Some of them left the US to avoid prejudice, some looked for work and others found a new home. Sahib Shihab was an American reed player who ended up in Europe while touring with good friend Quincy Jones’ ”Free & Easy” show. Shihab’s…

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