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Interview: Leslie Lucky-Samaroo

Leslie ”Lucky” Samaroo is a Trinidadian entrepreneur who turned his passion for music into a business. He started up his own pressing plant, International Recording Co. Ltd, which was key to creating an independent record industry in Trinidad. His other ventures included a record label called Tropico and later an airline called Carribean United Airlines. …


Interview: Dusko Gojkovic

Dusko Gojkovic has a name that has provided him with many different identities over the years. He was born in 1931 in what is now Bosnia and Herzegovina but has spent most of his life in Munich, Germany. He became a professional trumpet-player at a very young age and was one of the first people to create the sounds we now know as Balkan Jazz. His resume of songs speaks for itself. Here is an interview with a man who has been a staple in European Jazz for many, many years


Interview: Clarence Curvan

Clarence Curvan (1939), percussionist, bandleader and a household name when it comes to Trinidadian music. Mr. Curvan was instrumental in fusing jazz and calypso, he backed several American artists with his orchestra and has toured extensively throughout the Caribbean. He is still involved in the Carnival in Trinidad. One dollar brought him into the business and his love for music made him stay.

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